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Residency in Malta

Malta has developed into a modern financial center and is one of the most important jurisdictions within the southern European region today.

The Republic of Malta consists of three islands, situated just 80 km off the southern coast of Sicily, Italy in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with sparse rainfall between March and October. The population is over 400,000 and the official languages are English and Maltese, though Italian is widely spoken.In recent years, the Maltese government has actively sought to attract foreign capital with attractive incentives aimed at international investors and entrepreneurs.

The work force in Malta is English-speaking, motivated, and well-educated. Malta grants incentives to foreign persons or companies that set up business in Malta, including low rents for factories and low interest loans. Furthermore, its strategic location, excellent international trade relations, and a good quality of life make it one of the most attractive places for business in the Mediterranean.

Malta is a very attractive location for private residence. The island nation enjoys a stable political climate and is strategically located, with excellent air links. The Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP) offers non-Maltese persons the possibility of acquiring an EU residence card that offers visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area.


  • EU residence card granting visa-free travel across Europe’s Schengen Area
  • Right to reside indefinitely in Malta
  • Five years’ permanent residence, renewable indefinitely
  • Investment required only for first five years
  • No residence requirement
  • Family members included

Qualification Criteria and Requirements

  • An investment in government bonds of EUR 250,000 to be retained for a minimum period of five years
  • A non-refundable government contribution of EUR 30,000 (EUR 5,500 of which is an advance government administrative fee)
  • A property purchase of EUR 320,000 (EUR 270,000 in South Malta or Gozo), or a property lease of EUR 12,000 per annum (EUR 10,000 in South Malta or Gozo)

Procedures and Timeline

The MRVP application requirements and procedures are reasonable and straightforward. The application is submitted to the IIP Agency, the government agency responsible for applications, with a non-refundable deposit of the contribution amount in the sum of EUR 5,500. After stringent due diligence checks, successful applicants will be requested to complete the qualifying investments and will then be issued a residence permit. The IIP Agency will issue successful applicants with a Maltese residence certificate, which acts as a permit. The certificate will be monitored annually for the first five years of its issue and every five years thereafter.

Malta Real Estate Market and Values

The Maltese real estate market is currently reinventing itself following the global financial downturn, thereby creating a strong opportunity for international investors for the following reasons:

  • The amount of new properties added to the Maltese real estate market each year has declined significantly since 2009.
  • This shrinkage has helped stabilize the situation and prices have gradually risen.
  • With the lower supply of new properties, demand is focused on existing properties, creating an increase in price or value for those properties, which is positive for current or new property owners and investors.

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) offers investors the option to invest in real estate, thus ensuring the recoverability of those funds after the required five-year holding period.

NIMARIA has a list of pre-selected properties that qualify for the MIIP. If you would like to receive more information on these properties, please Contact Us. We would be delighted to arrange a visit to show you around personally.

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