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Please carefully complete all details of this form with as much detail as possible, specially paying attention to your work experience, educational qualifications and your financial details for a free assessment of your qualifications. If we require further information to complete the evaluation of your case, we will contact you accordingly.

NOTE: Due to the great number of submissions, NIMARIA will only contact those who are qualified and have filled this form with as much detail as possible.

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Work Experience, Arranged Employment & Adaptability

Starting with your current occupation, list your occupations within the 10 years preceding the date of your application. Give the number of years and months of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time experience and a description of your main duties.

Financial Information

To qualify as in Investor Immigrant, you must disclose your personal net worth. This is calculated by subtracting all liabilities from your assets. An asset is anything that you own which has monetary value.


Additional Questions

NIMARIA will retain all information collected on this form as private and confidential and use it solely to assess your suitability as a prospective client. Acceptance as a client will be based on the information provided by you on this form, which will form part of any eventual formal contract for services and will affect the refund clauses of any such contract; therefore, it is necessary for all information to be factual and complete. As immigration laws and regulations change and evolve regularly, any advice provided by NIMARIA is non-binding and informational only.