Quebec Investor Immigrant Program

Looking for a steadily top-rated country ranked among the best in the world in terms of quality of life, education, civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom? You have chosen right - Canada is not only stable contestant in all those categories, it is also diverse and rich in society, history, and nature. And, for many, it is the country that for years shaped the immigrant investor map.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for investor immigrants wishing to relocate. Some of the country's key benefits are:

  • High rankings on major international comparative surveys of industrialized nations;
  • G8 and NAFTA member;
  • Unspoiled environment with strict environmental controls;
  • World-class Canadian healthcare system, one of the best in the world;
  • Excellent Canadian education system, one of the most respected in the world;
  • Cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance entrenched in the constitution;
  • One of the safest countries to live in, offering a high quality of life;
  • One of the most valued passports for international travel.


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program was established in 1986. The program is designed to allow business people and their families to enter the province of Quebec as permanent residents on an unconditional basis. In return, funding made available through the program helps provide subsidies in support of small and medium businesses in Quebec. The program had undergone significant transformation in the past couple of years, which address the application process.

The following principal qualification criteria are established:

  • Demonstration of business experience;
  • Show net worth of at least CAD$1,600,000 that was gained legally, and;
  • Invest CAD$800,000.

The investment is guaranteed. It is returned, without interest, about five years and three months after payment.

In 2013, the program was open for a window of 14 days in the beginning of August. The Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles introduced application quotas and random computerized draw so that all accepted applications have equal chance of being selected among the received applications. Following the termination of the Federal Immigrant Investor Program in February 2014, the Quebec program continues its existence, with modifications expected to be announced by the provincial government of Quebec.

Investment Options

The minimum required investment of CAD$800,000 must be held for a period of 5 years. The program provides for full investment or financing through an authorized financial institution.

Under the full investment option, the applicants deposit the minimum required amount for a period of five years. At the end of this period, the full amount is returned to the investor without accrued interest. For those who would rather retain maximum capital for investment in ongoing business, the financed option is valuable. Under this option, investors pay a reduced amount which is used to finance a CAD$800,000 closed 62-month term loan from a chartered bank. This loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost and without additional guarantees from the applicant.